Hi, I am Rajan.

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Taking things apart since I knew how to hold a pen. Inherent love of building things and solving problems. Electronics Graduate @Univ of Southampton
I like to think I'll be a student till I die. Having a humble attitude of 'not knowing enough' has opened more gates of opportunities for me then the 'I know it all mind-set'.
My father said, don't chase the money, chase a vision and money will follow. My vision is to democratize education. Working towards my goals ever since I got out of college.
Out of all my jobs and gigs, being a father is my favorite and the most fulfilling thus far. Proud father of my baby girl.
Investing is a lot like growing a plant, picking the best seeds and being patient till it reap fruits. That is my investment philosophy, I invest in quality over quantity and watch seeds grow into forests.
"Vagabonding" by Rolf Potts first introduced me to what real travels means and how travelling is actually a way of life. Seeking adventure and the little joys of unexpected things.

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Saturday, December 09, 2017
Board design The good thing about this project was that I happened to finish the first prototype way earlier than deadline (in 2 months) and I had another 2.5 months for the project so I decided to make a nice little PCB (printed circuit board) for the DSO. This was my first proper board design so I was taking a risk with my final project as humans make error there could be a mistake in the layout or assembly of PCB. And it did go wrong, I had wrong footprints for an IC but the lab support managed to fix that using some thin trace wires. In the end it was all good, everything worked and I am super proud of the PCB.
Saturday, December 09, 2017
Firmware Entire firmware for the MCU was written in C language and I used atollic trueStudio toolchain for the development. It’s an Eclipse (which is always a plus) based environment with GNU C compiler and atollic’s ST-link GDB server for debugging. Standard 20-pin JTAG port was used for programming/debugging purposes. The MCU also provides trace support for debugging but I did not bother to use it. Now obviously a comprehensive description of the entire firmware is out of scope of this article. I will however describe the code structure and some highlights of the firmware.
Saturday, December 09, 2017
Analogue circuit Yep let’s start with the toughest bit. To begin with I am not very good with analogue circuit design and the problem with this project is that it requires perfect analogue design. The output should be noise-free, not distorted and should not have any offsets.=== Figure 2: DSO’s...